Two husky voices on one interview! Pete is a natural, I was recovering from Covid. Wonderful to have Copperworm back for the 10th season of New Horizons, as Great Music Stories starts its 10th year. And Copperworm’s story has been part of the DNA of what we do. We picked them up early, maybe played them first and we’ve stuck with them ever since – and Pete, in turn, has been one of the most engaging artists on the scene, right in the thick of it with the listeners and always the first to congratulate other bands on their successes.

For this interview, Pete talked about Copperworm’s triumphant standing in the end of year vote, work on the new single ahead of its premiere on the Monday show – and, more broadly, about plans for the year ahead. A band in it for their own artistic journey and not chasing the numbers. Rugged, authentic and true to who they are – a band to follow in 2024.

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