If you have enjoyed the artists on Modern Rock Vol 4, do spend a few moments to explore their websites, socials and web stores on this page. Do share the links with your friends. And if you have a few pounds to spare in these tough times, do buy something direct from a band through their store.

We’ve added some notes for each song. This is not just a compilation we have thrown together – and we haven’t picked artists because they have big social media followings. Every song has a unique story with us, a point of difference, and these stories come together on this celebratory collection.

Enjoy discovering a new favourite artist and do spread the word on what you like. One person at a time, we need to make the modern rock audience bigger and more diverse.

And do tune in to the Friday rockshow, every Friday from 5pm to hear these and many other fine rising bands.

August 2022

Scarlet Rebels artwork

Scarlet Rebels - 'These Days'

Single of the Year from Album of the Month - and from an alumni GMS Band of the Year. As part of the 'See Through Blue' campaign, we got permission to run with These Days in May 2021 ahead of the special yellow GMS-edition vinyl. From its first play, the song arrested listeners - a song that spoke for the times, and it had a 60-consecutive-week run powered by requests, breaking all previous records with us. A song that's become so much more than a song, it had to open this collection.

Wayne Doyle of Scarlet Rebels comments: "Great Music Stories has always been pivotal to the success of Scarlet Rebels. Our history is endless. Guy B started playing These Days early on in our ‘See Through Blue’ campaign (I sent Guy an early copy for some honest feedback). Since playing the song, it became the most requested song on the station in 2021 and 2022, it was their single of the year, it sits on our #7 charting album ‘See Through Blue’ and now it sits on Modern Rock Volume 4. I’m really happy we got the permission to do it and for Great Music Stories to use the song, as we appreciate their support more than anything."

Website -
Twitter - @ScarletRebels
Facebook - @ScarletRebels

Matt Pearce & The Mutiny - 'Got A Thing Going On'

Imagine Joe Cocker, Santana, Prince, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles having an impromptu late-night jam. The result might sound like the music on 'The Soul Food Store' - the empathic and super-confident second album from Matt Pearce & The Mutiny. This track is from the album - another Album of the Month for us during 2022 - and the song is full of life. Guitar, sax, drums - everyone seems to be playing for their lives on a track that evokes a real sense of excitement. Also, this is a song that makes a nonsense of rigid genre silos that can imprison music rather than liberate it. Set against the dark, bleak news on our TV screens through the spring and summer months, here is an injection of life with effervescing bright colours.

Website -
Twitter - @mattpearceuk
Instagram - @Thevirginmarys
Facebook - @mattpearceguitar
GMS Band of the Year (2018) Write up

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty - Bury the Hatchet

An unplugged session version of a song from Miss Kitty's forthcoming EP, this is a classic case of less being more. Stripped back, there is power in the words and the chords and it's a song that has been on the show all summer. Even heavy rockers have requested it, evidence yet again that the song will out.

Miss Kitty recently opened one of the days at Wildfire Festival and reaction to her set underlines that 'Modern Rock' today is a broad church. Not technically rock music, but the rock crowd on Friday nights have powered her onto staying on the playlist - so maybe it is rock music if it's the music that rock fans relate to, choose and request each week.

Twitter @autumnkillers
Instagram - @theautumnkillers
Website -
Twitter - @iammisskittyhq
Facebook - @iammisskittyhq

Violet Blend

Violet Blend - 'Rock DJ'

From Florence, here's a band that emerged out of nowhere with us during the spring months - and with new songs that have firmly resonated with Friday listeners, resulting in them being voted Band of the Month in July. Rock DJ opened more Friday shows that any other song during the summer period and it was an automatic choice for this collection.

Giada from the band said: "We believe that music is one of the most important forms of union between people. In these dark times we all need to get back to know each other and explore new realities, Great Music Stories and the Modern Rock compilation gives us this chance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Website -
Youtube - @VioletBlend
Facebook - @violetblend
Instagram - @violetblend
Twitter - @VioletBlend Store


Tarraska - 'Requiem'

During lockdown on the Friday show, we supported all four of the first singles that Tarraska released. And on every occasion, it was down to the strength of the songs. An unknown name, I initially took a punt on the band's first single because it prompted curiosity. Friday listeners reacted and, on merit, the song ended up having a 9-week run - all powered by listener requests. And so the story continued with the next three singles. The debut album was chalked as 'Album of the Month' in summer 2022 - and Requiem was the standout album track that ran with us through June and July.

Jack from Tarraska says: "To have 'Requiem' included on Modern Rock Volume 4 is a huge honour, as we realise how much talent is out there vying for attention. ‘Requiem’ is a particular favourite track of ours for various reasons. Using the meaning ‘a musical composition in honour of the dead,’ the song is a message to our dearly departed, taken-too-soon loved ones, describing elements of lament and comfort to a passed soul. We hope that the subtlety and depth of ‘Requiem’ will be a good counterpoint to the heavier, more upbeat elements of the Modern Rock Vol 4 album and round-off the whole package both sonically and thematically."

Facebook:  tarraskamusic
Twitter:  tarraskamusic
Insta:  tarraskamusic


Firekind - 'Sound of Rain'

A band that sounds and looks modern. Clearly, they draw on classic influences but there is the clear sense that here is a band that could quite comfortably sit on mainstream radio playlists, or play at non-rock festivals. Sound of Rain had a sustained run with us and the band now get regular requests most weeks. Engaging for interviews and music that always lifts the rockshow. Jas from the band says: "We're stoked to be part of Great Music Stories Modern Rock Vol 4 compilation. When we were asked, we couldn't say no as it's such a cool range of bands showcasing all that's good in the UK today."

   Twitter: FirekindBand
Facebook: @Firekind

Amongst Liars

Amongst Liars with Pihka Is My Name - 'All Over Now'

OK, now for something different. Our Band of the Year bagged Album of the Month for their fine debut and their engagement with Friday listeners is second to none. Fine, modern rock songs emerging from this band that are utterly about and for today. But they move boundaries too. This remix with Pihka is My Name is a calling card - reminding us that if rock wants to be mainstream again, it has to want to actually be in the mainstream.

Ian George from Amongst Liars comments: "We are really happy to be on Modern Rock Vol 4, as we love being involved with and part of the scene of all the great bands and artists that GuyB and Great Music Stories supports. It’s also amazing that he picked this dance remix that Pihka is My Name did of our single ‘All Over Now’ to reflect a more diverse side of music, as we believe that modern rock shouldn’t have any boundaries."

Twitter: @amongstliars
Facebook: @amongstliarsband

King Voodoo

King Voodoo - 'Hold On'

From Liverpool a band that's on the rise. Great live and an evolving recorded catalogue that warrants attention. Fever is still getting requests on Fridays, but since Wildfire Festival, Hold On is now getting traction. A band that engages with listeners on a Friday night and our interviews are always warm and very entertaining. One of those bands that makes the scene better just by being in it.

Twitter: @musicsupermart
Facebook: @musicsupermart

Cry For Mercy - 'Sons & Daughters'

Remarkably, it's only now this fine band makes its Modern Rock debut - they've been part of the woodwork with us for some years. Particularly during the lockdown run, when they did a series of fine interviews and their album was 'Album of the Month.' We were given an early spin of Sons and Daughters this year in the spring and it had a regular run on Friday nights, its immediate drama making it a natural opener for the rock show. The lyrics also touch on music industry issues today, reminding us Modern Rock is as much about songs having something topical to say as it is about the sounds. A band worth discovering more fully.

Twitter: @cryformercy3
Facebook: @cryformercyofficial


Copperworm - 'Pulse'

A special edit of this song has been produced for Modern Rock Vol 4 - although the full six-minute version is also worth checking out. Peter from Copperworm reminds us rock is as much about the people as it is the music. He has been a real trooper through lockdown, engaging with music fans when they were having a bad day, always engaging during the Friday show and sharing new music. In some ways he's as much a fan as a musician and is always first to congratulate other bands on their successes.

The Copperworm music is different to some classic norms, but the band is carving their own destiny and going on their own journey. Following a successful KickStarter campaign, the debut album is being worked on and Peter was a leading force in the CovAid 2020 single which bagged Single of the Year back in 2020.

Peter Wolfe from Copperworm said: "Copperworm are delighted to be on the Modern Rock 4 CD. Guy B is an absolute legend doing this and being part of a collection of such great rising artists, that has the potential to be listened to by so many people, who may never have heard of Copperworm, before is huge for us. Our song ‘Pulse’ was picked and this song means a lot to us. It’s an anti-war song that speaks the voice of the ordinary people caught in the middle of a conflict and the significant impact that has. Something very relevant right now. It is one of a number of tracks that we are recording for a new album, due for release in October and we can’t wait to put that together."

Twitter: copperwormUK
Facebook: @CopperwormUK

Marshall Potts - 'Heaven or Home'

From Canada, an artist that has literally taken the Friday rock show by storm this summer. From August's Album of the Month, a collection that has produced a number of songs that have immediately resonated with Friday listeners. Of these, Heaven or Home is on a three-month run, it's music that uplifts and empowers - exactly what many people need right now.

Marshall Potts comments: "I'm super excited to have Heaven or Home on Great Music Stories Modern Rock Volume 4. Heaven or Home shares the process of taking the time out of my busy life to look inside and see where I’ve been where I’m going. To take stock of my life and analyse the reason I’m even here and how the experiences have molded my belief systems.  Defragging my life like we would a hard drive to repair and reorganize my thoughts before the traumas and scars left their damage.  To reconnect to the original child inside before life took control away from the dreamer and fear stole the feeling that all things are possible.  I found myself in the process and  regained that initial positivity we are all born with.  Now I wonder where this all leads and I am reminded that it isn’t the destination but the journey that is most important - that heaven or home may actually be the same place one day."

Twitter - @MarshallPotts1
Facebook - @marshallpottsmusic


Cloverhill - 'Beach'

A band that played a big part during our two-year run of broadcasting through lockdown. They always put their hands up for interviews, they were often among the first in for our online festival weekends and they regularly maintain a close connection with the Friday listeners. Despite their work-rate and graft during lockdown, the band took a break from the live scene because they struggled to get gigs. Perhaps more a reflection on bands being booked because of their social media numbers over the merit of their craft, who knows. One certainty - with Cloverhill, the songs are proven for those who will give them a chance. Beach, selected for this collection, is a song based on a touching real-life story and the song garnered listener requests for months during 2021. Cloverhill may not be the 'cool kids' on the block, but they can play live and their recorded music deserves recognition on merit - as good music. Delighted to have them on Modern Rock Vol 4.

Website -
Twitter - @cloverhill_rock
Facebook - @CloverhillRock
Store - Store

As Sirens Fall

As Sirens Fall - Dynamite

A band that needs no introduction with Great Music Stories. She Runs With The Wolves was 2019 Single of the Year, following a 59-week run and the band were then voted 'Band of the Year' the following year in December 2020.

A band that epitomises modernity in their music, their image, the boundaries they push, the convention they challenge and the world issues they care about. They have released an impressive run of singles in recent years, all framed by thoughtful inventive videos - and on-stage they bring intensity, dramatic expression and energy.

For this edition of Modern Rock, we were going to close the collection with 'Getaway' - a song that closed many Friday shows. But instead, we have gone for energy and the all-powerful Dynamite - try hitting the high note towards the end if you can!

Website -
Twitter - @AsSirensFall
Facebook - @assirensfall
Store -
Patron -

Twisted Illusion - 'Extrovert vs Introvert'

Songs often align to special moments. This was one of two Twisted Illusion songs premiered during the August 2020 Wellbeing Fest. One could sense jaws drop internationally on Twitter, as people took in these full-blooded, technically gifted masterpieces. Since then, Extrovert has stayed on the playlist, and two-years on it's time for it to be on Modern Rock. A band with a work-rate second to none. If the rock scene was just about talent, this band would already be huge. One day they will be.

Matt Jones of Twisted Illusion said: "The music industry has and always will be segregated into a classist minefield of backhanders and risk-free mediocrity over any real attempt at artistic expression. Twisted Illusion feels at home with Great Music Stories. Our alignment of ethos, sensibility and exquisite taste in the finest of Toto and Rush has been a welcome change in this paradoxical dance we like to call music. We appreciate every iota of Guy B's relentless enthusiasm and genuine joy at finding new music without anything more than a good set of ears as the gatekeepers. It is our honour and privilege to share a small part of ourselves in this compilation with our song 'Extrovert vs Introvert' which is so eloquently rooted in both of our aural ideologies to promote wellness, especially among our fellow creatives. 'Try to tell me, I'm insignificant'. "

Twitter: OfficialTIband
  Patreon: mattjonesti
YouTube: TwistedIllusionUK


Skam - 'New Dawn'

One of the true flag-carriers of the new rock scene - purveyors of consistently good recorded music, superb live and always closely connected with their growing fan base.

Years ago, 'New Dawn' was the album track we ran with instead of the radio singles during the countdown to the Goddard album. We said to the band's PR's at the time that we had a good feeling about the song and that we'd play it for a month if we could run with it early.

In truth, after that initial month, the song never left us. It opened our 2018 'Spirit of Wildfire' radio day, it opened the Goddard listener series - and it ended up being Single of the Year. Organic growth and resonance - and New Dawn still sounds fresh today. For the matron road trip edition, this one had to make a return!

Twitter: @SKAM_UK

Dead Blonde Stars

DeadBlondeStars - Shine Any Light

A band that has blossomed with us during the lockdown run - now on the show most weeks and gate-crashing the top 10 in our Band of the Year vote last December. DeadBlondeStars always engage with the listeners and Matt has even hosted a run of shows. And now as lockdown has passed, we are all getting to discover how good they are live.

Possibly the best untold story in modern rock, its mind-boggling why bigger media haven’t picked up on this band yet. The song featured here we premiered for the August 2020 Wellbeing Fest. Still unreleased elsewhere, it’s a bonus track that has been with us for two years - so including it on Modern Rock was a no brainer.

Twitter: @deadblondestars
Facebook: @deadblondestars


Theia - 'The Day'

New directions should be applauded. Former 'Single of the Year' winners, Theia return as a two-piece. They have done the classic thing and, make no mistake, their sound is still rooted in rock guitar, as their performance with Magnum at Symphony Hall demonstrated. But Theia are also looking forward - they are setting out on a journey to push boundaries and find a space and identity that is their own.

Modern rock is a journey, but here we have invention over parody and if rock is to engage with new, younger audiences we need more bands like Theia doing their thing - and creating something new.

Twitter: @theia_uk
Facebook: @THEIAuk

Troy Redfern

Troy Redfern - 'Profane'

A song we premiered on the Friday show after meeting Troy at Wildfire. An album track from his fine new album. Troy's recent works have classic roots but his music tastes and influences are wide-ranging. A nice guy, very modest but serious about his craft and great on stage. His last album was 'Album of the Month' with us and we're delighted to have him make is Modern Rock debut with us here.

Twitter: @TroyRed7
Facebook: @TroyRedfern

Takeaway Thieves

Takeaway Thieves - 'Soothe Me'

Another band making a debut on the Modern Rock series, this song featured on five shows when released and we think it will be a head-turner on this new collection. A great live band and a song that has a great performance feel. A good song well executed.

Takeaway Thieves bring a helping of old-school Hard Rock with a glam swagger - there's something for everyone on this new collection.

Twitter: @takeawaythieves
Facebook: @takeawaythieves

Jack J Hutchinson

Jack J Hutchinson - 'Halo'

Always a smile from Jack J, one of the most engaging guys in the business. His work-rate through lockdown was immense and he has been a stalwart of the Friday show for years. He featured on the Earache NWORNR album and is regular on the rising rock festival circuit.

Often among the first to put his hand up for a project or an interview - and his music is regularly on the Friday playlist. For Modern Rock, Jack J brings a bit of timeless blues-infused rock n roll. From his latest album we present 'Halo' and if you like it, do check out his run of recent albums. All worth a purchase.

Facebook: @JackJHutchinsonBand

Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty - 'I Come In Peace'

A big closer for the new collection - and a song that gives a nod to the freedom focus from Volume 3, reminding us there are still unresolved conflict issues in the world we need to care about. The Sons are a fun bunch of guys and regularly take time to support the show and engage directly with listeners on a Friday night.

There's a nice helping of sun-drenched Southern Rock in their music. Whilst more classic than modern, here is a band with a song about the world we live in today and the boys are finding their way in a new digitised age, where bands have to make their luck and build a lasting connection online as well as at venues. An older band but they are agile and part of a bright new generation of bands.

Fred Hale from Sons of Liberty says: “We are so excited by the range and quality of new rock music being produced today, and honoured to have our big message of peace and harmony ballad ‘I Come In Peace’ from our current album ‘Aces & Eights’ featuring amongst some quite stunning music on this on-point CD compilation.”

Twitter: @SonsLibertyUK
Facebook: @OfficialSonsofLiberty