Further the journey of discovery of rising artists on this page. Some comments below from some of the bands on Modern Rock Vol 5 and why it matters to them. Further below, you will find some links for all the artists involved in the project. Do discover further and browse their stores. Do buy an album or download from their sites.

Blue Nation – “Being included on a compilation is like having a musical passport, allowing your song to travel and be discovered by new listeners from all over the world. Without Great Music Stories this just doesn’t happen.” 

Sari Schorr –There is a great divide between art and commerce, especially in the world of music. New artists deserving recognition are rarely given the opportunity to be heard as most major labels have closed their ears while opening their eyes to focus on the bottom line. This over-commercialization approach has a far-reaching effect. It’s not only the creators of music who suffer but the audience who are deprived of music they would otherwise treasure. Album compilations that champion new and emerging artists and bands, such as Great Music Stories’ Modern Rock Series, are rare and only happen when the right conditions exist. First, it takes someone with a vision who is passionate about music. They need an instinctual sense of what real music fans want to hear. And they never underestimate the public’s ability to embrace diversity in music made by good artists, even if their names still need to be discovered. This is the gift that GuyB delivers with his Modern Rock Series and why I’m so grateful to be a featured artist on the new Modern Rock Series Vol 5.” 

Cloverhill – Absolutely stoked to again be included in a Modern Rock compilation with our song Radio from our Just North Of Hell album. Modern Rock Vol 5 is the ultimate Rock soundtrack for Summer 2023.”

Amongst Liars – “We love what GuyB at Great Music Stories does for both emerging and established bands and have made so many new fans and friends through his radio show. We are delighted to have our song Drown featured on this Modern Rock Vol 5 compilation album with so many amazing bands and artists.”

50 Year Storm – “We are thrilled to be part of this incredible compilation of modern rock. We hope to stand out as our song ‘We The Brave’ is a pumping, energetic, uplifting number – a rock/dance track that is sure to get you all up and moving, or turning it up with the windows down. Enjoy!”