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DECEMBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH It seems to be becoming a bit of ‘a thing’ for rock bands to make a foray into the orchestral space and, for me, it often doesn’t work. But the new album from Marillion is a masterclass on how to do it right – in …

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Stonewire – ‘Life as we Know it’

NOVEMBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH StoneWire return with an album of absolute truth. An album that has something to say about the now – from a band that has perfectly captured the essence of its signature sound and personality. For a band that hasn’t had the ‘in-crowd’ luck of others …

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Wayward Sons

Wayward Sons – The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be

OCTOBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH A second album can be a tricky one, especially under the weight of expectation following a hugely successful debut. ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’ was well received across the rock community, serving up a dramatic helping of classic rock that had something for everyone. Whilst the …

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Revival Black


SEPTEMBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH As debut albums go, this record doesn’t need the hype machine, it just needs to be played once and it will grab you. With ‘Step In Line’ Revival Black mark their arrival in thunderous, emphatic fashion. People that listen to my Friday radio show will …

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Scarlet Rebels - Show your colours


AUGUST ALBUM OF THE MONTH No modest calling card here. No vague promise of hope for the future, no nonchalant call for this being an act to watch for an unspecified, future rainy day. Here is music fit for stadiums. Having recently seen a few artists play Wembley Stadium, I …

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JULY ALBUM OF THE MONTH With ‘Self Aware’ a new sun rises on a new rock Empire. A fresh counterpoint to an ageing rock scene – a genre that is seen by many to cling to past glory days, where the legends are getting older and where some of the …

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Swamp Born Assassins - Dead Man's Train

The Swamp Born Assassins – Dead Man’s Train

June Album Of The Month 2019 has been the toughest year yet when it comes to me picking just one album to review each month. May and June see so many great and varied albums being released. Set against some well-produced and well-promoted albums, for June I’ve decided to go …

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The Quireboys

Quireboys – ‘Amazing Disgrace’

May Album Of The Month With hindsight, it’s no surprise the sunshine returned last Friday. As I aired a new Guy Griffin interview and fired songs from ‘Amazing Disgrace’ across the airwaves, it was clear in an instant that we had our rock n roll soundtrack for the summer. Ironic …

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Melissa Etheridge - The Medicine Show Tour


APRIL ALBUM OF THE MONTH Good music cheers up your day; great music has timely social relevance. At a time of national anxiety – with political division, economic uncertainty and a wellbeing timebomb that needs to be tackled – Melissa touches on topical issues but, unlike protest albums that meet …

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At the Sun


March Album Of The Month For lovers of the classic rock revival, At The Sun’s debut album is powerful, concentrated and exciting. It is essential listening for 2019. I’m refraining from a track-by-track review this month because the album’s strength is in the collection of songs. There are those albums …

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Wille and the Bandits


February Album Of The Month So many people say (or think) the music business is run from London. Labels are there, national media are there, bands often tend to gravitate there – and, of course, the place is over-run with heaps of cappuccino-carrying marketing people rushing in and out of …

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DeeVer - What it Takes

DeeVer – You Need This

January Album Of The Month A New Year is a time of re-birth and for new discoveries for us all. And no better way to start a forward-looking agenda on new rock for 2019 than with the bold, confident debut from DeeVer – an album that is youthful in spirit, …

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