Following the huge success of the Wellbeing Music Festival on 7-9 August, the 20 interviews from the weekend are being shared aspart of a new daily series on this site over the next 20 days – a chance to hear musicians talk about the importance of a range of mental health and wellbeing issues and to hear about their own stories and viewpoints. These issues don’t just affect the music industry, they are issues that affect us all as we re-emerge from lockdown – and this series intends to help support an open conversation, understanding and empathy. Shorter, edited versions of the interviews aired during the Wellbeing Fest weekend, but here are the full and unedited versions available to enjoy for the first time. 

Here we have the full interview with Peter from Copperworm who also kindly recorded a super electric band set for the festival weekend. 

Do take time after the interview to discover the artist and to explore further the wide range of charities that exist to help on mental health and wellbeing issues.

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