With so many of us stuck at home during these difficult times I’ve put together a new daytime Great Music Stories series of 30 artist hour specials for April. Every day in April, I’ll be bringing you a band hour special in words and music on greatmusicstories.com – airing daily every day at midday: Hopefully some original audio content during the daytime hours that can brighten your day and make you smile.

Today’s hour is Revival Black – and this one’s been waiting to go out for a while. A month of so I put an hour out on the Rising Tour, but here’s the full original interview with Revival Black not aired in full before – including Mr Finlay taking over on interview duties mid-way through. A passing tribute also during the support from NWOCR during the interview.

A few Revival Black album tunes included as well music from At The Sun, Queen and Massive Wagons – plus cameos from the rock rooster and Matron.

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I hope this story inspires you to dig deeper and check out the bands featured. This hour will be online to enjoy for the next few days so do share it with your friends.

Discover more about Revival Black and check out their online store at www.revivalblack.com

Any comments do drop me a line on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow – and if there’s an artist you’d like me to interview next – do let me know!

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