When a young British rock band can smash into the UK album chart, it’s good news for the rock community. To mark the release of one of the most anticipated rock albums of 2017, I aired an hour special on the new Inglorious album and featured interview clips with the band from the last 15 months – a collage of soundbites that aimed to give an impression of the band’s journey and evolution between their first and second album. Included are clips from Wildfire and our Ramblin Man preview show – and the hour ends with a moving tribute from Nathan on Freddie Mercury.

The speech segments of the show are here to enjoy as listen again. If you want to enjoy the music in full you’ll have to buy it!! Tracks featured during the hour special include: Taking the blame / I don’t need your loving / Girl got a gun / Until I die / High flying gypsy / Change is coming / Making me pay / Wake / Read all about it / Dead on time (Queen) / Too much love will kill you (Queen) / High class woman

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