Mammoth Mammoth - Mount the MountainMAY ALBUM OF THE MONTH

Sometimes an album can stand tall without all the PR hype and media noise that can often surround a carefully managed product launch.

If you’re looking for a collection of new songs that deliver in-your-face rock with intensity, a big wall of sound and a rough, primal edge – then Mammoth Mammoth have just delivered a choice album for the summer months.

The album opener and title track ‘Mount The Mountain’ kicks off the album with pace and immediate intent – a six-minute riff-laden, rousing rocker that will surely become a crowd favourite for Europe’s summer festival circuit. The song is cleverly worked and builds well.

More banging riffs usher in ‘Spellbound’ – a full-on rocker with attitude – and over the next string of tracks the band goes into full attack, going up a further gear with ‘Kicking My Dog’ – a live rocker that is certain to have live audiences drenched in sweat and bouncing.

‘Sleepwalking’ was an early choice for air time on my rock show – followed by the edgy menace of ‘Epitome’ – two songs that garnered broad listener appeal suggesting that, for many beyond the heavy rockers, there is a real and growing appetite for music that is direct, honest about what it is – and un-spun.

‘Mount the Mountain’ delivers 45 minutes of full-on rock with attitude. There are no ballads on this album, which delivers a relentless pace and mood. It’s raw, unapologetic and direct – pure rock n roll as it is arguably supposed to be. To me, the album represents a perfect antidote to manufactured bands or indie bands that are called rock bands but don’t really live the true spirit of rock. Mammoth Mammoth is the counterpoint to safe, sanitised or ‘bouffoned’ rock – they deliver a rock experience that is real, visceral and taking absolutely no prisoners.

Here we have yet another exciting Australian band who are making their mark in Europe. And with this new album, the band even leaves us with a bonus track, a rocked-up rendition of a Kylie classic: It works really well and provides a fun twist to the album.

If you like Massive and emerging Oz rock queens Tequila Mockingbyrd, then you need to also check out Mammoth Mammoth. The band is making a real impact in Germany and Scandinavia and one has the feeling they will soon be following Massive and Tequila Mockingbyrd to the UK touring and festival circuit. A few weeks ago, I spoke with Mikey from Mammoth Mammoth about the Australian rock scene and he spoke about the rapid demise of live rock’n’roll in Sydney and the decision of many young bands to head for Europe. Australia’s loss is clearly Europe’s gain, with some of the most exciting rock talents in Europe arriving from down under.

If you get the feeling your rock music collection is getting a bit safe or predictable, drop in a bit of Mammoth Mammouth. For some, they may not be everyday listening but they’ll certainly spice up your music collection and keep it feeling alive. It’s the mood that comes over on this album that matters. With edge, swagger and attitude – Mount the Mountain reminds us what rock, in its heart, should always be about.

Mount The Mountain is released on 28 April

Listen again to my interview with Mikey from Mammoth Mammoth

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