On 23 June we hit the airwaves for 12 hours to air a 13-hour ‘Spirit of Wildfire’ radio special. More than 120 bands stepped forward to support a radio show to help support the return of a festival they wanted to support and see return in 2019. This audio clip features a mash up of clips from interviews aired on the day, plus some of the festival previews done in Spring 2018 ahead of the sad news of Wildfire’s cancellation in June 2018. Included is a pre-recorded interview with Tarot Rats that wasn’t aired during the day, because the band appeared live in the studio. A random mash of audio, together the band interviews explain why Wildfire matters to them. This audio includes content from: Devilfire, These Wicked Rivers, At The Sun, Massive Wagons, Theia, Safire, WDFD records, Thundermother, SKAM, The Rocket Dolls, StoneWire, Tarot Rats, Empyre, Henrys Funeral Shoe and Mason Hill.

If you would like to support the crowdfunder click this link: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/spiritofwildfire

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