The Quireboys


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June

After an impressive run of critically acclaimed, career-best albums in recent years, The Quireboys have gone back to the beginning. In recent weeks, they have been in the studio re-recording a brand-new version of their chart-topping debut album ‘A Bit of What You Fancy.’

We too are going back to our beginnings with The Quireboys this coming weekend. For the first and only time, the complete Great Music Stories interview archive with the band will be unleashed in one sitting this coming weekend. Too much content for a day, it’s become a 24-hour run over two days. A bit like putting on a grassroots Live Aid, but with just one band featuring!

Quireboys - A bit of what you fancy

Brave, mad, exciting, overkill – call it what you will. But The Quireboys have been at the heart of the Great Music Stories interview series, which since January 2015 has clocked up more than 1,000 interview hour specials and 3,000 shorts. The Quireboys were our first ever Band of the Year back in December 2015 and they are the only band to have had three Album of the Month reviews – four, if you include Spike’s Late Night Song Book. On the Friday radio show, the band has been one of the most requested bands for years.

Our interviews with The Quireboys chart their many successes since 2015, their albums, their new departures and much of their work outside the band. There’s a warmth and character to many of the interviews that comes from experience, knowing the band and how to make them comfortable and capture them at their natural best.

Work begins on the Great Music Stories book this autumn and listeners have already called the Quireboys to be the first chapter. So this weekend, it’s a one-time chance to hear the full Great Music Stories audio interview archive with the band before it is archived for a future project.

The weekend special will air all-day Saturday and Sunday only on

Schedule updates during the weekend on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow – plus a weekend preview on my weekly Friday Rockshow after 5pm on Friday.

Photos by Eric Duvet

SATURDAY 26th June (Timings Approximate)

8am Modern Rock Jukebox
10am Quireboys Brekkie
10.20am First Quireboys Hour Special 2015
Guy Griffin interviews before and after Ramblin Man
11.20am Acoustic Tour Hour special 2015
Spike interview hour
12.20pm Quireboys Jukebox
12.55pm Griff and Lynne Jackaman Hour Special 2016
Backstage at the Borderline & Bowie tribute
2.00pm AOR Tour Hour Special 2016
Backstage interviews - Spike, Guy, Keith, Thirteen Stars, The Texas Flood
Bonafide & Hardcore Superstar
2.55pm The Making of Twisted Love 2016
Guy Griffin interview
3.15pm Quireboys acoustic session
3.30pm Quireboys Tribute Hour 2016
Rising band interview tributes
4.25pm Quireboys jukebox
4.35pm Twisted Love: launch-day hour special 2016
Interviews with Spike and Griff
5.40pm Homewreckers 10th Anniversary Hour Special 2018
Interviews with Griff and Spike
6.50pm Quireboys jukebox
7.05pm Spike’s Late Night Song Book Hour 2021
The first take
8.00pm Spirit of Wildfire Radio Fest 2020
Quireboys closing set
9.00pm Spike Solo Tour, Hour Special 2021
Backstage in Brighton 2021
10.00pm Day wrap and close

SUNDAY 27th June (Timings Approximate)

8am Modern Rock Jukebox
10am Quireboys Brekkie
10.20am European Tour & Blues Special 2017
Spike interview
11.30am Quireboys jukebox
11.45am Ramblin Man Blues Hour Special 2017
Spike backstage on White Trash Blues
12.40pm Listener Choice Hour 2016
Listener interview tributes to the band
1.40pm Griffin interview double 2016
Tribute to Malcolm & Down n Outz interview
2.30pm Quireboys jukebox
2.40pm Homewreckers 10th birthday Hour Special 2018
Spike and Griff interviews
3.50pm The Quireboys at Kentish Town 2018
Interviews Spike, Keith, Paul, Griff and Nick
Plus Guy Bailey cameo
4.50pm Amazing Disgrace Hour Special 2019
Griff and Spike interviews
5.40pm Quireboys in session
6.00pm Spike in Lockdown 2020
Two-part feature interview
8.00pm Spirit of Wildfire 2 radio fest 2020
Quireboys closing set
8.50pm Quireboys jukebox
9.00pm Spike SongBook Hour Special 2021
Version 2
10.00pm Day wrap and close