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10am-10pm Saturday 23 June 2018
Airing on 107MeridianFM

News of Wildfire being cancelled this year I think shocked many of us. As someone that has supported the festival in recent years, it’s very clear that grassroots festivals such as this one play a crucial role in supporting the emerging scene. The thing I’ve always taken away from my interviews with dozens of bands is the sense of fondness they also feel towards the festival and the help it gives to bands in getting noticed, getting a break and maybe being picked up by others.

A number of bands from our local community have been affected by news of Wildfire’s cancellation this year. In truth, the ripple will affect music communities around the country.

Following all the social media noise, I thought it was time to do something practical.

We all want Wildfire back for next year. We can’t change what’s happened this year but we can, perhaps, ensure it will be back in 2019. So on what would be the Saturday of Wildfire Fest this year, I’ll be airing a 12-hour fundraiser on the station I broadcast from in Sussex. People can tune in locally or listen online from anywhere.

The fundraiser platform we’ll turn on a week before, but before then I’d welcome anyone getting the word out. My rockshow has a big audience, but the station is small and with limited resources, so for something to come out of this, we need everyone getting the word out.

What’s coming….

During the day we will play the music of the Wildfire 2018 bands, there will be more than 50 band interviews and many are also recording sessions. We’ll also have station appearances.

An official single to support the fundraiser is also being put together and we’ll have news on the fundraising aspect by 17 June.

I hope to announce the bill for the day on Sunday 17 June

Bands – get involved!

There’s lots of ways for bands to get involved. Bands get in touch if you want an information sheet on things we’re looking for!

Lots of updates will follow – keep an eye on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow for all the latest news.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]