The Dust Coda is another contemporary rock n roll band from Earache Records set to break into the official album chart. They entered the mid-week chart at 11 – and the coming days will decide whether grass-roots fan power can keep the band in a chart position against the draw of the big pop giants.

The Dust Coda is a band whose story we have followed since their debut single, and that live B-side Sweet Love. Their early days set was a standout of our spring broadcasting last year and they ripped up our June spirit of Wildfire radio festival with a superb electric set. Earache send us an early copy of Mojo Skyline, and we posted an Album of the Month review last December to coincide with a track-by-track interview for our Christmas special. Since then, ‘It’s A Jam’ and a few other album cuts we’ve kept on the airwaves most weeks and we’ve supported the countdown with three new interview hour specials. It’s been fun, it’s been a jam!

In this new interview, Scott from the band talks about the campaign with Earache and the amazing fan reaction. Mention too of the Earache NWORNR launch gig, which was a significant moment – and also marks a full-year of us all coping with lockdown.

Mention too for the many media outlets and fan clubs that have all put a great shift in to support the Dust Coda album, including Planet Rock, Classic Rock, NWOCR, ERB and the wonderful network of magazines e-zines and regional and community stations.

Do enjoy the interview and while you’re listening do head over to the Earache webstore and snap up a CD or vinyl copy of Mojo Skyline before Thursday night at https://webstore.earache.com/A-Z/t/the-dust-coda

Every sale is a step to helping chart another new generation British rock band. Have a listen and be the difference!

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