The best Valentine’s Day pressie any modern rock fan can get is a rising band smashing into the official album charts! The opening hour of my six-hour Friday show on 14 February, sharing live news of Those Damn Crows smashing into the mainstream album charts at Number 14 as it happened – a band we championed from the start and who our listeners crowned Great Music Stories Band of the Year in December 2017. Music on this hour also from As Sirens Fall, Fireroad, At The Sun, The Virginmarys, White Raven Down, Verity White, Scarlet Rebels, Lynne Jackaman, Sari Schorr and Ryders Creed. Playing along flourishes from the #rockxlyo to keep things fun on a Friday night. 

And to add the joyous local radio twist to proceedings, none of the lights in the studio worked, so it was a shambolic night of complete chaos broadcasting in the dark. Absolutely Marvellous!