As with past years, bands or artists that give Great Music Stories an interview of any size and shape during the 12-month period are automatically added to the very long short list for our band of the year vote. I don’t want to give you my half dozen choice bands to vote on – anyone that’s given time to be part of Great Music Stories during the year is in the mix. With us, it’s the bands that choose the short list – or the ‘long’ list!

The band that comes out top before Christmas bags a 6-month playlisting on my Friday rockshow and two one-hour Great Music Stories features to take into 2019. And no matter who wins, the aim of this annual countdown is actually to spread the word on as many bands as possible.

The process this year is happening in two stages. We’ve opened with a public vote on all 170 or so bands, which will run until 5pm on Thursday 22 November, when the vote will be frozen. At this point the top 50 will be announced on my Friday rock show on 23 November and the vote will be re-opened for another 2-3 weeks. For this second round, everyone will be able to vote again (with just one vote each) and the results will the added to listen again listener figures for 2018’s band features to give a rounded final score. This protects against spammers trying to fix the online vote or the vote being totally swayed by people that never even engage with bands on Great Music Stories or the Friday rock show. The result is a blend of an end of year vote and a band’s relatively popularity with the public during the year. This process has proven to be extremely fair in past years and also gives smaller bands more of a level playing field.

The Quireboys won it in 2015, Massive Wagons in 2016 and Those Damn Crows last year. Our ‘Hall of Fame’ band list from past votes is pretty impressive. Who will it be this year? That’s up to you – it’s time to vote

  • For this first round you can vote for up to THREE bands
  • You can share the vote link on social media, simply by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook buttons below
  • Note: For instances where bands begin with ‘the’ you will find the band under the first letter of the actual name (not ‘the’).
  • I have been through our interview log to list all the bands that have done a new interview with us during 2018 – and checked the list twice. In the event I have made a mistake – where a band has done an interview this year and is not listed below – please contact me via the ‘contact us’ page on the website ASAP!

Happy voting!

Please vote for your Great Music Stories Band Of The Year 2018

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