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FireRoad - Flesh Blood and Bone

Fireroad – Flesh Blood & Bone

AUGUST ALBUM OF THE MONTH For those that bemoan where the next generation of rock talent is going to come from – you just have to open your eyes. I first stumbled across Fireroad by accident two years ago, when they supported The Quireboys for an acoustic show. I met …

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JULY ALBUM OF THE MONTH Whilst this album landed a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to wait to see the band perform at Wildfire at the end of June before taking a final view on the album. Why? Over a three-day weekend, many of the finest emerging acts from …

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June Album Of The Month ‘THE MAN WITH STARS ON HIS KNEES’ Very occasionally after a great film at the cinema, people break into applause. It’s not planned. They just have to react by doing something. I got a review copy of ‘The Man With Stars On His Knees’ late …

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Mammoth Mammoth - Mount the Mountain


MAY ALBUM OF THE MONTH Sometimes an album can stand tall without all the PR hype and media noise that can often surround a carefully managed product launch. If you’re looking for a collection of new songs that deliver in-your-face rock with intensity, a big wall of sound and a …

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Hellbound Hearts


APRIL ALBUM OF THE MONTH It’s dark. Yes it is a bit, but that’s good – this is, after all, an album to listen to loud and with the lights off. After EP success and developing a solid reputation for their live sets, the Hellbound Hearts’ debut album lands on …

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SPRING PROG REVIEW Set in a Covent Garden street café in the early evening shadows of autumn 2016, I conducted what was to become a four-part feature interview with IT. That session captured the essence and parameters on what was to become their first studio album for seven years, after …

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The Texas Flood – ‘Over Worked & Under Paid’

MARCH ALBUM OF THE MONTH There is clearly something in the water in Wales: Fireroad, Buffalo Summer, The Starling Radicals, Florence Black, Those Damn Crows, Kane’d and, of course, The Texas Flood. They are back with a new album and that magic water in Wales clearly has no limits. Someone …

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FEBRUARY ALBUM OF THE MONTH Well, well – this album does exactly what it says on the tin! Following the Top 10 success of the band’s last – and comeback – album, many may have wondered how Thunder would follow up on ‘Wonder Days’ and the big arena concert hall …

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Magnum – The Valley of Tears

JANUARY ALBUM OF THE MONTH Magnum in recent years has been one of the best untold stories in British rock. The soaring melodic output from their glory days in the 80s is well known to most rock fans – notably with albums ‘On A Storyteller’s Night’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’ …

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The Picks of 2016 It’s that time of year again where we pause and take a look back at some of the highpoints we have experienced through the Great Music Stories interviews and also my Friday 5-8pm Rock Show which airs on 107Meridian FM. It’s been an incredible year for …

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Bad Touch Band Photo

Bad Touch – Truth Be Told

DECEMBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH If you want to make a statement and support new bands with this year’s Christmas shopping, then you may well have just stumbled across a perfect stocking filler. Bad Touch return on 2 December with a new album that is both brave and adventurous – …

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The Answer - Band Photo

The Answer – Solas

NOVEMBER ALBUM OF THE MONTH Ten years ago, The Answer stood proud with their album ‘Rise’- an album that epitomised a band pretty much on its own, flying the flag for a full-octane, authentic rock sound that, to many, just wasn’t “this week’s thing.” A decade on, following the 10th …

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