Feature interview #1,638 in an ongoing series. We Three Kings are a fabulous modern rock band we have supported on the show with playlists and interviews for around seven years. A band that has produced a run of fine singles and in the last 18 months has broken into the festival scene for rising bands.

This latest feature interview with We Three Kings was part of the Music in Numbers interview series I ran in the spring months – a 19-part series which gave artists from wide-ranging backgrounds the opportunity to talk openly about balancing the authenticity of art with the pull to grow numbers on digital platforms. 

We Three Kings are trailblazers for releasing visceral rock n roll that always makes a statement. A band intent on doing things the way they want to do them, and things go up a level live on stage. Ones to watch for discerning fans of new guitar music. 

After the interview, do check out the band at: https://we3kingsband.wixsite.com/we3kingsband

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