With so many of us stuck at home during these difficult times I’ve put together a new daytime Great Music Stories series of 30 artist hour specials for April. Every day in April, I’ll be bringing you a band hour special in words and music on greatmusicstories.com – airing daily every day at midday: Hopefully some original audio content during the daytime hours that can brighten your day and make you smile.

Today’s hour is a spirited conversation with Austin Jenckes I did in London a couple of weeks ago. Austin talks about the creative magic from Nashville that frames the music, he reflects on his latest album and picks the benchmark albums that have influenced him. There is a soulfulness and also a playful sense of fun than runs through the hour. Given today’s tough world context, I haven’t edited the interview at all as I hope its spirit may make you smile.

And for those when it goes up at midday, if anyone wants a bit of company or a chat whilst listening, do swing by on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow between midday and 1pm and say ‘Hi.’

Music during the hour includes Austin Jenckes, Tom Petty, Thirteen Stars, Chris Stapleton, The Outsiders and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I hope this story inspires you to dig deeper and check out the bands featured. This hour will be online to enjoy for the next few days so do share it with your friends.

Discover more about Austin online

Website: Austinkenckes.com

Twitter: @austinjenckes

Facebook: @austin.jenckes

Any comments do drop me a line on Twitter @GuyB_rockshow – and if there’s an artist you’d like me to interview next – do let me know!

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