Wille and the Bandits

February Album Of The Month So many people say (or think) the music business is run from London. Labels are there, national media are there, bands often tend to gravitate there – and, of course, the place is over-run with heaps of cappuccino-carrying marketing people rushing in and out of meetings. It’s a marvellous place […]


Wille and the Bandits

As part of our January ’New Horizons’ showcase where we interviewed more than 30 young bands on their plans for the year ahead, Wille & The Bandits here talk about their new album, out in February. A rising musical force from Cornwall, we also talk about the East Cornwall sites and have some fun!

DeeVer – You Need This

DeeVer - What it Takes

January Album Of The Month A New Year is a time of re-birth and for new discoveries for us all. And no better way to start a forward-looking agenda on new rock for 2019 than with the bold, confident debut from DeeVer – an album that is youthful in spirit, masterfully produced and forward-looking in […]