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A week before the release of the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ across UK cinemas in 2018, I put together a three-hour Queen radio special. Everyone knows THE song is Bo Rhap and most people agree that THE gig was Live Aid – but what was the definitive Queen album?

I put this question to a “who’s who” from a new generation of rock bands. As well as celebrating the legendary Queen archive, the feature underlines the immense creative legacy of Queen inspiring a whole new generation of British guitar bands. Not quite the same without all the wonderful music as originally aired, this listen again audio features all the band interviews and tributes from the show, including: Thirteen Stars, The Dust Coda, Nathan James, Aaron Buchanan, Broken Witt Rebels, Deever, Tax The Heat, Vega, The Rocket Dolls, Blurred Vision, Massive, Big River, Dirty Thrills, Baleful Creed, The Virginmarys, Laurie Buchanan, Dan Cook, Hoss Thompson, Airrace, Little Brother Eli, Toseland, Black Stone Cherry, Machines Dream, The Howling Tides, The Howling Lords, Bad Touch and Kane’d. Wise words too from veteran artists John Corabi, Deborah Bonham, Big Country, Gun and, to close the special, Toby Jepson of Wayward Sons & Lightning In A Bottle shares some thoughts on what new bands starting out today can learn from Queen.