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A new feature interview from a Massive Wagons hour special first aired during our 13-hour ‘Spirit of Wildfire’ broadcast on 23 June 2018. Our ninth feature hour on the band since 2015, during this interview Barry and Alex give talk about the countdown to the brand new album ‘’Full Nelson.’ After a run of fun interviews, I set out to make this a serious feature, but that went out the window by the end! During this interview, Barry and Alex talk about their signing to Earache, the writing of the new album, plans for the future – and Barry also pays tribute too to the work of Wildfire in supporting the grassroots music scene. The interview was done at the Borderline on the day of the release of ‘Under No Illusion’, for many the starting gun in the countdown to the release of the band’s new album ‘Full Nelson,’ released on 10 August.