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In February 2017, Bonafide returned with a brand new studio album ‘Flames’ – a must for rock music lovers to discover. For album launch day I aired this interview as a drive-time hour special with music, speaking with Pontus Snibb from Sweden on the ideas behind the album and discussing a number of stand out tracks.

We also discuss the band’s UK tour dates and plans for the second half of the year – as well as Pontus’ stunning blues project ‘Wreck of Blues.’

After you have enjoyed this interview, you can also check out my 2016 interview with Pontus and his father from HRH Ibiza, when we discussed his relationship with the blues. This presents a different side to Pontus as a creative force and musician, and helps one also more fully appreciate the music of Bonafide.

An additional hour interview special on the UK tour from London is airing on my rock show on Friday 17 March at 7pm.

Check out the Ibiza interview